Backflow Prevention Courses FAQ's

Frequently asked questions regarding licensing, certifications and backflow prevention courses.

  • Do you have to be a licensed plumber to test backflows?

There is no pre-requisite to take the course or to test backflows, however, we recommend you check with your local water purveyor or utility to see if they require you to be a licensed plumber.

  • Do you have to be a licensed plumber to repair backflows? How long is the certification good for?

Yes, to install & repair. Florida Statutes require any person installing or repairing a backflow prevention assembly for a customer be a state licensed plumbing  contractor.

See: 2012 Florida Statutes: CHAPTER 489 - CONTRACTING

Florida Statutes require any person installing or repairing a backflow prevention assembly on a domestic water system be a state licensed plumbing contractor. Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers are required to attend a bi-annual recertification course.

  • How old do you have to be to test backflows? 

We recommend you have a driver’s license for identification purposes.

  • What are the requirements to test fire lines?

You will need to contact the State Fire Marshalls office as there are additional prerequisites to test fire lines. The State Fire Marshalls office phone number is: (850) 413-3170.

See: 2012 Florida Statutes: CHAPTER 633 - FIRE PREVENTION AND CONTROL

Florida Statutes require any person installing, testing, or repairing a backflow prevention assembly on a fire protection system be a state licensed fire sprinkler contractor.

Anyone can be an employee of a Fire Protection System I or II Contractor's company. To work on any part of a fire protection system (backflow preventer) they must hold a water-base permit under the contractor's license, issued through the Division Regulatory Licensing Section.

See: Florida Statutes: CHAPTER 633.312 - Inspection of fire control systems, fire hydrants, and fire protection systems

See Florida StatutesCHAPTER 633.318 - Certificate Application and issuance; permit issuance; examination and investigation of applicant

See Florida Statutes: CHAPTER 633.334 - Requirements for installation, inspection and maintenance of fire protection systems

  • Which is the first course I need to take to get certified to test backflows? 

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training & Certification

  • What locations do you have?

We have locations from the Panhandle to Key West.  Please check our website for course dates and locations.

  • If certified with another provider, how can I become a UF TREEO Tester?

First, email us a copy of your current Backflow Tester Certification to verify your status and validate provider accreditation.  Then, you would attend our two day Backflow Recertification course, take our initial 80 question written test and complete the hands on practical for RP, DC & PVB without instructions.