Supervisor's Checklist

Cross-Connection Control Supervisor's Checklist
by Les O'Brien, CET

If your city is small (less than one thousand metered customers) it is conceivable that you, as the cross-connection control supervisor, also serve as the public works director, and you may share the same office with the police chief. But if you work in a large city (greater than 50,000 metered customers), you will need an administrative clerk, an inspector, and a couple of backflow technicians to help you with your duties.

Following is a checklist of a cross-connection supervisor's responsibilities:


If you accomplish all of these tasks, there is still no guarantee that you will not have a cross-connection incident in your community. Your best bet is to accomplish as much as possible and to document everything that you do. You want to be prepared for the day that you may have to defend your program to a judge. If you have done your job effectively, you can be proud that you have done everything in your power to protect the health and welfare of your customers.

The above article appeared in the July 1995 issue of OPFLOW vol 21 no7.: published by the American Water Works Association. (AWWA)