Equipment Donation Wish List

Does your company have equipment that is underutilized? UF TREEO can put it to good use! Equipment donations will be used to provide hands-on training for essential workers.

Below each program you will see a list of items needed based on our current inventory. If you would like to donate any of these items from our wish list, please email Lauren McCain.

Asbestos Program

  • Negative Air Machine (Medium Size) (HEPA Filter separate to show)
  • Airless Sprayer
  • Hepa-Vacuum for Asbestos
  • Zip-Wall Unit System (4-Poles to erect poly)
  • Sample Project Manager Paperwork for on-site activities
  • New half face and full face respirators
  • Zip-Wall Unit System (4-Poles to erect poly)

Water/Wastewater Programs

  • Portable, hand-held meters for DO/ORP/pH (6 units)
  • TDS/conductivity meters (6 units)
  • •Turbidity meters (6 units)
  • Chlorine residual meters (6 units)
  • Alkalinity test kits (6 units)
  • Hardness test kits (6 units)
  • Silt density index (SDI) instrumentation (several units)
  • Jar testing apparatus (several units)
  • Phase contrast microscopes (10 units)

Backflow Program

  • New Large Diameter Backfow’s for Repair Class. Wilkins/Zurn, Apollo, FEBCO. Larger than 2inches.