The Water Tower

UF TREEO is pleased to partner with The Water Tower to expand training to Georgia.

The Water Tower is a nonprofit water innovation hub focused on providing solutions for water utilities in research, technology, training, and engagement. TWT’s workforce development program focuses on creating state-of-the-art, hands-on training opportunities to benefit of the industry.

Register for a course held at The Water Tower below.

Upcoming Classes

*When registering, make sure to select the section with the location of Buford, Georgia if you wish to take your class at The Water Tower


Course Name Dates Register
Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training & Certification 9/11/23 - 9/15/23 Register
Introduction to Backflow Prevention
(Cross Connection Control Program Manager Certification Series)
10/23/23 Register
Cross-Connection Control: Survey and Inspection
(Cross Connection Control Program Manager Certification Series)
10/24/23 - 10/25/23 Register
Cross-Connection Control: Ordinance and Organization
(Cross Connection Control Program Manager Certification Series)
10/26/23 - 10/27/23 Register
Backflow Prevention Assembly Repair & Maintenance Training & Certification 11/2/23 - 11/3/23 Register


Course Name Dates Register
Introduction to Lift Station Maintenance 4/2/24 Register
Basic Water and Wastewater Pump Maintenance 4/3/24 Register
Water Distribution System Pipes and Valves 4/4/24 Register