Program Description

This program is designed to train professionals in the foundational concepts of wastewater operations. The program focuses on testing wastewater quality, process control and troubleshooting, and maintaining permit compliance with the Department of Environmental Protection.

Additional Program Information:

  • You will have 3 years to matriculate through the program.
  • Transfer courses will not be accepted.
  • After registering for a course, student substitutions are not allowed.
  • Once the certificate is awarded there is no need for renewals.
  • Program Cost: Approximately $3300.

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What courses are required to complete the program?

Complete all four core courses and select one elective in order to complete the program.

Core Courses

Course NameFormatCEUsRegister
Process Control of Advanced Waste Treatment Plants Online 2.1 CEUs Register
Microbiology of Activated Sludge In-Person 2.2 CEUs Registration Coming Soon
Wastewater Process Control Laboratory Operations In-Person 1.6 CEUs Registration Coming Soon
Activated Sludge Process Control & Troubleshooting Online 2.5 CEUs Register


Course NameFormatCEUsRegister
Confined Space In-Person 0.8 CEUs Register
Sequencing Batch Reactors Online 0.8 CEUs Registration Coming Soon
Introduction to Electrical Maintenance In-Person 2.1 CEUs Register
Building an Effective Safety Program & Culture In-Person 0.8 CEUs Register

Program Guide

Want an easy way to track your progress and learn more about the courses?  Download our course guide! This guide provides you with a program checklist, course descriptions and pricing to help guide you through the program.

Who Should Apply?

This program is open to anyone interested in training in the core foundational concepts of wastewater operations.

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