Solid & Hazardous Waste

Solid & Hazardous Waste Program

The University of Florida, Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations Center (UF TREEO) offers a variety of courses for those in the waste management industry to meet their initial and refresher training requirements. Our training programs for hazardous and solid waste comply with regulatory requirements for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

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Training Info & Database

UF TREEO maintains the Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Solid Waste Operators Database. The database is a continuing education archive and tracking system for Solid Waste Management Facility Operators and Spotters who have attended approved training.

Frequently Asked Questions

A trained solid waste operator can substitute as a trained spotter. See the FAC 62-701 Training Section for more clarification.

All in-house training for credit must be approved by the Solid Waste Management Training Committee.

Make sure you have permission to use the training material from the provider [most course material is copyrighted and the property of the provider].

In order for operators to add the training to the database record, the training must be listed on the FDEP Approved Solid Waste Operator Training database or be submitted and approved as a new course.

Initial Training – In House

Initial training that requires an examination has to be done by an independent third party (See FAC 62- 701.320.15.a)

Only those who have taken one of the approved initial training courses and exam will be entered in the database after he/she submit the necessary documentation. If you didn’t attend one of these courses, then you should follow the new course submittal directions or take one of the approved initial training courses.

If you have let your 3-year training period expire without having the minimum number of hours of continuing education hours, you must start over with taking an approved course and exam.

Currently, the State of Florida does not have a certification or licensure program for solid waste operators. If you
complete the required initial training and receive the minimum continuing education contact hours per 3-year period, then you are considered a trained operator within the State of Florida and may be in compliance. See FAC 62-701.320(15)a.

At or you may have a copy email/fax/mail to you: (352) 294-7047 or

Contact: JP Dunn at (352) 294-7047 or or look at the training database.

Review your Florida Solid Waste Operator and Spotter Training Transcript – No login needed, check the expiration date and the training status (current or expired) for:


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Click on last name and hit enter

Click on the track to see transcript


Click on Participants

Use the drop down list and enter company name

Type in company name and hit enter

Click on the track to see transcript

Facility Report

Click on Reports

Type in the company name

Click on Run Report

Contact the course provider.

Per SWMTC, all 100% online courses must have a cumulative final exam to ensure the integrity of the course and student.

After passing your final exam and completing the course, a new module named “Certificate” will unlock. Follow the instructions and your certificate will be automatically emailed to you.

Meet The Instructors

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Robert Bachus, PHD, P.E.

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Carmen Bruno

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Dr. S. Adrian Gale

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Jane Gregory, CHMM, CET

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Norman Thomas

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Timothy G. Townsend, PH.D.

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J.P. Dunn

Coordinator Solid & Hazardous Waste Programs
Mon – Fri 8 AM – 4:30 PM EST

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